Online Registration KICKBACK SUNDAYS WEEK#21

1) Online registration / sign-up opens TONIGHT at 7pm.

2) There are 20 performance slots available. Only one registration per IP address will be allowed.

3) Once you have secured a spot, you will be emailed a confirmation. Report to Club NUMBERS (300 Westheimer Rd.) at 6pm TOMORROW (SUNDAY 8/19/2012) where the order of the line-up will be selected. IF you are late, your spot will be given to the next person and you will lose your spot. NO EXCEPTIONS.

4) Once you receive your email confirmation, you must email your music to DJ Auditory at ONLY instrumentals with hooks and ad libs will be accepted. No exceptions.

5) There will be 15 spots for 3 cyphers that will be picked at CLUB NUMBERS. You must be there at 7pm to participate in the cypher. We will pick the cypher artists at 7pm sharp.

6) There will be an additional 5 performance slots selected at CLUB NUMBERS. You must be there at 6pm with your music, instrumentals only.

This is the link for the sign-up:




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