KICKBACK SUNDAYS Spotlight Artist – C.I.T.Y.

This is actually a long time coming, but here it is! We finally got the chance to catch up with C.I.T.Y. and thought you all should know why he is our SPOTLIGHT ARTIST!

1) How long have you been rapping?

Ive been writing music for 15 years now I started at the age of 9

2) If I wasn’t rapping, I would be __________

If I wasn’t rapping I actually have no clue where and what I would be doing. I came up different from a lot of people I was involved with and seen a lot of things that I should have never seen. So really if it wasn’t for music I don’t even know if I would be alive or have freedom at that.

3) Where are you from? What is the hip hop/rap scene like where you are from?

Im from a place in New Orleans Louisiana called the 7th ward and basically the music seen out there is surrounded with many very talented individuals  New Orleans is a very potent city when it comes down to talent just research the history and culture. The only negative flaw I would point out in my opinion and not just in my city but everywhere Ive been so far it lacks UNITY. If people could understand the power of sticking together then things would be unstoppable and everyone can eat. Theres enough out here for everyone in the words of Ace boogie “Everyone Eats B”
4) How did you hear about KBS and what made you decide to attend?

I had a couple of homies who were involved in season 1 and they would always tell me about kickback. I would always see people tweet about it and I was very familiar with SF2 because it was my brothers and I favorite store in Houston to shop at. Everytime  we would go to the store I would always converse with Ms Susie as well and she would always tell me to come to Kickback Sundays. Then when they announced season 2 I made it my priority to be apart and utilize the environment to the best of my abilities.

5) Has KBS been beneficial to you and if so how?

Kickback has been very beneficial to me! It gave me an avenue to bring attention to my music, network with other artist who has the same hunger, and mentality as myself. My name stayed in mix not only on twitter but in the streets. I was able to better my craft this was a hip hop boot camp and it was a pleasure to watch people actually grow throughout this process. I got to travel to different places like San Angelo TX to meet and perform with Zero a Houston Legend, and Open up the first day of Curren$y Jet life tour 2012 powered by @wescoremoreshows. People actually were seeing; they actually started requesting me and I was seeing this for myself I saw the hard work paying off.
6) What do you plan to do outside of KBS to advance your career?

Outside of Kickback I plan on working just to keep working, and keep pushing. Traveling and networking pushing my music to the next level giving the people a product they can hold close to their hearts. Hitting the stage and leaving my all out there with the people. I just want to keep amazing and touching people because I believe music can change someone’s life and as a Artist I hold that responsibility. That’s something I got to live up to.

7) What are you currently working on? What projects if any have you released.

I just released my latest project La Mort Avant Le Deshonneur (Death Before Dishonor) which has been receiving a lot of positive feedback. A lot of work with into everything on this project from the artwork which was crafted by T Piper of Tpiper media, to the production of Yinfluence, K.O., and Crazy the producer everything was organic and that made it more successful in my eyes. I am now working on my official album Zion, and a EP with producer Tony Dark of the shadow gang while also taking my time to perfect these visuals I plan on delivering to the world.

8) Have you met anyone at KBS or as a result of KBS that you look up to?

As a result of kickback Sundays I have met Curren$y, Fiend, Styles P, Momma Pimp,and Bun B, I look up to all of these people they all have done something that I hold to the highest honor and it was a pleasure to finally shake their hands.

9) Who are your influences and if you had to compare your style to someone, who would it be?

My influences are Tupac Shakur, Bob Marley, Jay Z, Nas, Lauryn Hill, Soulja Slim, Outkast, eiminem, Mystikal, Scarface, UGK, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West and Jimi Hendrix. I wouldn’t compare my style to anyone but myself because Im striving to leave my own mark, my own lane, my own legacy in this generation of min

10) Who do you believe is the best unsigned rapper in Houston and why?

I respect every artist out here doing they thing #peaceGod

Before we go, we have 2 questions about RAW TALENT!

1) There seems to be so many underground events lately. Showcases, Who’s Next type events, etc. and they all promise exposure, networking etc.  Tell us about RAW TALENT.
Its simple what set raw talent apart was that it wasn’t for the money everyone involved had their hearts involved, everyone was passionate about this show we all step out there with something to prove and we excelled we sold out warehouse live with no headliner. Nobody would have presented me or anyone of my Raw Talent family with a opportunity like that and for that Im forever thankful and grateful for Ms Teresa & Susie for all they have done.
2) Has RAW TALENT been beneficial to you?Raw Talent has open plenty of doors there are more people out there who want to help me achieve my dreams. Im actually getting paid for shows, ive built relationships with several blogs but most of all I have people who hit me til this day saying how great my performance was people I never met in my life who tell me I inspire them, lil homies who was a part of kickback season 2 telling me that they look up to me. That is what motivates me to keep going because that is why I do this to inspire others, to motivate people.

As always, follow C.I.T.Y. on twitter @CITYChronicles, and follow us @kickbacksundays, @IAM_SUSIE and @iamSF2.

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