Young G opens for BIG K.R.I.T. in Houston Live From The Underground Tour

During season #2 of KICKBACK SUNDAYS, we assembled a group of 10 artists for a concert called #RAW TALENT. We explained to them that this was an opportunity that would definitely bring the #RealResults we preach about due to the fact that a lot of attention from promoters and media would be focused on them.

On Oct. 6th, BIG K.R.I.T. and the Live From The Underground Tour hit Houston, and our friends at Scoremore presented an opportunity for one of our #RAWTALENT artists to be an opener. Young G was that artist, and from the day he was notified, he was excited!

In my opinion, this tour was “the” tour of the year. I might be a little biased since I am a huge K.R.I.T. fan but I still believe that!

The excitement was crazy that night. Young G had his people ready! Video guy in place, CD’s to hand out, image looking right and the nerve’s of this being his biggest show to date, 2nd to the RAW TALENT show just weeks before. Performing at the House Of Blues in the large room! The same stage that has been graced by some of the greatest artists of all time, tonight was a night to remember.

We got to the venue a little past 8pm, met G out front and we hit the escalator, on our way to the box office to get our credentials. Susie called to give G that last send off, wishing him well and letting him know, that he better kill the stage and rep us and himself right! We made our way to the backstage entrance, and it was like watching kids in a candy store! Taking pictures of everything from the dressing room doors, to the sound equipment, just living this moment to the fullest! It was a pleasure to just stand back and watch G and his people enjoy this moment. One I am sure he will remember for the rest of his life.

Young G was gathering drops from some people backstage, when I whispered to him “you wanna meet KRIT?!” Of course he did, so we took him to the dressing room, where introductions were made and all that, and before we knew it, it was showtime!

When it came time to hit the stage, we all watched from the side as he went out there excited to show Houston, what we at KICKBACK SUNDAYS have been knowing! Young G shouted SF2 and KICKBACK SUNDAYS out, giving us so much love! Told the crowd a little about our KBS program and had the DJ drop the beat and he was on it!!! The crowd can be brutal and hard to move when you are underground, but we saw them responding little by little and it built up to hands in the air, heads bobbing to the beat and later the crowd was in it! Young G was doin’ it! Stage presence was pretty good too, and he spoke to them between sets about following him on twitter and told the crowd to pull out their phones and rate his performance! Who was this guy? Was this the same Young G from KICKBACK SUNDAYS?!!!! This was #REALRESULTS happening right before my eyes!

We are so proud of our underground artists from KICKBACK SUNDAYS, and stand behind them.

Watch the video recap below and pull your phones out and hit up Young G at @YoungG713, tell him what you think. Follow him and as always, follow @iamSF2, @iam_SUSIE, @KICKBACKSUNDAYS and @WeScoremore.

Photo credit onwaxmag and my girl Erica!

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