Kickback Sundays is a platform for underground artists to showcase their talent in front of peers and people who can actually do something for them. A 5 month program, which takes place every Sunday. The basics are as follows:

1) Everyone is invited and Anyone is welcome.

2) We encourage networking, so to get the best out of your experience, bring all of your promotional material ie. CDs, flyers, business cards etc.

3) There is a sign-up sheet that opens on Sunday at 12NOON at SF2 NORTH (215 W. GREENS RD. Houston, TX 77067). HOWEVER, people do come early to secure a spot on the list, so be there as early as possible or have someone line up for you. People travel from out of town to get on the list, don’t miss out! YOU MAY NOT LINE UP IN FRONT OF THE STORE UNTIL 10AM due to safety reasons enforced by HPD. PLEASE FOLLOW these rules.

4) You may either sign up for a performance slot which is 5 minutes. In those 5 minutes you can do whatever you want.

5) You may also sign up for one of the 3 cyphers that we have.

*It is recommended that you follow us on twitter @kickbacksundays because we announce updates as well as changes if any should occur.

One response to “About

  1. Hello,
    I’m DeAnthony (Dizzy) a member of Freshwayz. We would like to thank you for the opportunity we had to perform at Numbers 7/16/2012.
    We did research on the mind blowing KBS movement via website and was able to attend multiple shows. We wanted to be a part of your movement so followed the guidelines needed to secure a slot. At the sign-in location we arrived early and were able to get a great slot. We arrived at the venue around 8:00pm networking to get the best out of our experience.
    We notice from the previous visits to KBS the line up didn’t change and we ended up performing at 12:20. Ten minutes before the venue closed, the wait was understandable being it was our first performance with KBS.
    One member was unable to spit his verse, we was rushed with only a hand full of people still there and was only credited four minutes. All the great to less great act was not rushed. No hard feeling!
    We would like to ask a few question to get a better understanding about KBS five month program for underground artists to showcase their talent in front of peers and people who can actually do something for us.

    1. Does the performances already have an order in which apply every Sunday?
    2. Do KBS mainly focus on their current talent then new?
    3. How long does the camera guy stay at the venue?
    4. Do the producers stay until the venue close?
    5. What step do we need to take to become a KBS all-star?

    Thank you for reading this message and hope to hear back from KBS soon.

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